Sterling Silver Plain & Stone Set Necklaces

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 Silverbling jewellery has a stuning range of necklaces to buy online. We are one of the biggest jewellery suppliers in Ireland. All of our stone set sterling silver necklaces are set with grade A cubic zirconia clear or coloured crystals  and have a high quality finish.

We have a new range of lockets in stock, including 4 picture family lockets, silver lockets with rose gold plating, silver set with diamonds and a new selection of 9ct gold lockets.

As our range is so extensive we can not list every piece, if you are looking for a unique or even a tradional necklace or pendant please contact us, we will do our best to find it for you                                                             

Early necklaces were made of mollusc, bone, shells, small stones, claws and animal teeth gathered  from successful hunting trips and  date back to the Stone Age 40,000 years ago.

They then moved on to wearing strings of shellfish around their necks (I think I prefer the thought of teeth)

The earliest examples of gold used in necklaces dates back to 2500bc and were found in Royal graves.

After the fall of Rome necklaces were seldom worn until the 14th century. 

Beads were introduced into necklaces as a form or barter with other traders. The Native Americans 

discovered mixing Turquoise with Sterling Silver, and for that we thank them!

These days necklace's and pendants come in a variety of stones & colours all set in sterling silver, black agate & onyx remain as popular as ever.

Black, red, green and blue cubic zirconia stones enhance every piece of jewellery and are much more affordable than precious gems.