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 The Origin of Bridesmaids & Gifts

Etiquette dictates that bridesmaids and matrons of honour are given a gift, usually presented at the wedding breakfast. 

Originally a bridesmaids duty along with helping the bride organise her wedding day was to confuse evil spirits by dressing the same as the bride thereby confusing the evil spirits, which is why 10+ bridesmaids were normal in Roman times.

Historically women of status did not go out unattended, the more bridesmaids she had the wealthier her family was and gave them a chance to show this off.

Traditionally a bridesmaid was unmarried, the aim was to get them married off with one of the single male guests, the phrase "3 times a bridesmaid, never a bride" originates from the belief that if no man had looked at you on 3 different social occasions the odds were no man ever would!

Giving a gift is a sign of appreciation from the bride, in Roman times gold was given but as families started to fall on harder times this was changed to Sterling Silver Jewellery. Jewellery is given as it is an ever lasting gift to show the brides cares about their bridesmaids and will cherish them forever.