In line with google's policy on remarketing (attracting customers back after they have abandoned carts) we will follow all of the rules and regulations listed below, Our Ads will be visible over the google network.

If you would like to opt out then please adjust your settings using this llink 

You aren't allowed to run interest-based advertising campaigns that collect personally identifiable information (PII) including, but not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers

You aren't allowed to use or associate personally identifiable information with remarketing lists, cookies, data feeds, or other anonymous identifiers

You aren't allowed to use or associate targeting information, such as demographics or location, with any personally identifiable information collected from the ad or its landing page

You aren't allowed to share any personally identifiable information with Google through your remarketing tag or any product data feeds which might be associated with your ads

You aren't allowed to send Google precise location information without obtaining people's consent. You must abide by the policy for sensitive categories outlined below   When creating a remarketing list, you can't use any sensitive information about your site or app visitors, whether you collected it directly or associated it with a visitor, based on the visitor's profile or behavior on your site or app

Restrictions on list creation may apply to both individual webpages and entire websites or apps Ad content may not imply knowledge of personally identifiable or sensitive information Google may include in-ads notice labels to disclose interest-based advertising to our users

Google reserves the right to display to users which remarketing lists they're on, along with the corresponding domain name You aren't allowed to modify or obscure these notices

You can implement your own in-ads notice with written consent from Google, and the label must comply with relevant industry standards


You may not use a remarketing list created via DoubleClick's remarketing feature (formerly known as Boomerang) or other remarketing list service for the purposes of AdWords remarketing campaigns, unless the websites and apps from which those lists were compiled meet the requirements of this policy.


Google won't allow another advertiser to use your remarketing lists or similar audiences lists without your consent.

Restrictions That Apply To Sensitive Categories In Interest-Based Advertising When creating remarketing lists or creating your ads, you can't use any sensitive information about site or app visitors.

For the purposes of this policy, sensitive information includes:

interest or participation in adult activities (including alcohol, gambling, adult dating, pornography, etc.) sexual behavior or orientation, such as sexual orientation inferred from a user's visit to a particular website racial or ethnic information, such as from sites or apps that collect affirmative racial or ethnic identification from visitors political affiliation (other than the public registration information of United States voters), such as from sites or apps that solicit or store people's affirmative political stances trade union membership or affiliation, such as a user's visit to a trade union's site or app religion or religious belief, such as from sites or apps that collect people's affirmative information on religion or religious beliefs negative financial status or situation, such as information indicating that a user has a low credit rating or high debt load health or medical information, such as from sites or apps that market to a specific health-related group status as a child under 13 the commission or alleged commission of any crime, such as information indicating that a user has a criminal record As an advertiser using any type of interest-based advertising, you're restricted from: Running ads that collect personally identifiable information Using interest-based advertising or implementing the remarketing tag on any site or app directed to children under 13 or which stores or solicits age information from people under the age of 13 Creating a remarketing list or creating ad content that specifically seeks to reach people in ways that are prohibited Creating ad content which implies knowledge of personally identifiable or sensitive information about the site or app visitor, even when the remarketing list has been created without using such information Including products which fall into these sensitive categories, such as pharmaceutical products, in any data feeds