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Sterling Silver Graduation Band & Pouch €12

Class rings make a lovely keepsake when you graduate. These sterling silver rings are incredible value at only €10 each including a velvet pouch printed in your school or college colours.

As each ring is cast individually please order early for 2018. Manufacturing & delivery takes approx 8 - 10 weeks

Within the size of the band any text can be added but please allow for spaces, the more text the smaller the letters, please contact us for details as minimum quantities will apply.




            Why Not Design Your Own School or College Class Ring? Crests, Logo's Names, Anything is Possible! 


Class rings began as a tradition at West Point Military Academy in 1835, when students started wearing them to show their unity and as a remembrance of the time they spent at the Academy.

The designs of the rings were based on those of ancient Egyptian seal or signet rings. 

Traditionally, the wearer is supposed to wear the ring with the insignia facing her while she is still attending school. Upon graduation, however, the ring is supposed to be turned so the insignia faces outward.

Class Rings can have crests,school motto’s  names and different coloured stones and are traditionally made from Sterling Silver or Brass.

West Point now have Gold class rings and during their 3 years training they save money to buy them!Graduation rings are a new concept in Ireland but a lovely idea for a keepsake from your college or school days.