As all of our gold jewellery was sourced from the UK , Brexit has caused price increases that make the items far too expensive to both buy and sell. For this reason Silverbling has decided to no longer stock gold.

We do have some girls gold earrings in stock at the old prices 



 In  ancient times gold was thought to have healing properties if worn or eaten. (I wonder if that is where gold fillings came from?)

Gold was first discovered as nuggets in shallow streams all over the world i was associated with gods and immortality which equated to beauty and power.

This led to it being used as a currency and made into cups & plates and for adorning tombs.

Once precious gems and diamonds were discovered it was a natural progression to turning it into jewellery.

The Greeks led the way when it came to gold mining eventually mastering the art of smelting gold.

During Roman times gold mining was mainly under the control of the state and used as a means of bartering.

The content of gold is measured in karats, 9ct gold is nine parts gold to 10 parts other metals. 

Pure gold is too soft to work with and is always yellow so is mixed with other alloys to make it stronger for jewellery making and to change the colour to white or rose gold.