Sterling Silver Celtic Design Modern & Traditional Jewellery


Now there is a mind boggling thought! 

I knew warriors wore amulets and torques in battle but I did not realise thats all they wore!

The iconic Celtic jewellery is the celtic cross which is still popular today, its symbol represents the bridge or passage between heaven and earth and the 4 arms representing fire, earth, air, water. The inner ring represents either the halo of christ or Gods love

The Claddagh was designed by Richard Joyce a master goldsmith 400 years ago in the village of Claddagh, it belongs to a group of "faith rings" which date from Roman times, the clasped hands symbolising faith and trust

Rumour has it that the ring worn on the right hand, crown turned inward means you are single, worn with the crown turned outwards means you are considering love or in facebook terms "its complicated". Worn on the left hand with the crown turned out shows that your heart is taken

The Tara Brooch  was discovered in Drogheda, Co Louth in 1850, 2 little boys found it when it washed up out of the sea. The Tara brooch does not have stones of any value but it is considered a masterpiece of its time in jewellery making