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We have a massive range of animal, insect and bird jewellery in stock that is proving very popular.




We have a lovely range of unicorn jewellery arriving into stock soon for both kids and adults.


I have managed to source some patterned, floral and coloured bow tie sets for €20 a set.


I have been asked for communion watches, I do not sell them but my lovely friend Helena hand makes them on her website Busy Beaders you should check them out they are so pretty


The Sterling Silver  Communion Jewellery Collections Are Here!


 New Communion Pocket Prayer Tokens

We have a lovely new selection of communion & confirmation gifts, boys are so hard to find presents for.


Rosary Beads & Prayer Books


The new range of sterling silver kids necklaces have arrived in stock, there is a fantastic choice of gifts.



Due to popular demand I have a range of  small dicky bows for boys and young adults in stock, the mens range has been extended to add more colours.




The new jewellery has arrived in stock, there are some fabulous pieces all available for immediate delivery

It is that time of year again, the jewellery ranges are changing for the new season. We have some eye catching new sterling silver wedding & engagement rings plus a new selection of cubic zirconia stone set rings. I have not seen the new gold range yet as they are keeping it a secret! 

Communion season has been very successful , I have a new range of jewellery coming in for next year, you are going to love it!

We now have the most amazing bridal jewellery collection. This years range is inspired by the vintage and Gatsby era and has something for everyone to make your wedding day elegant and beautiful. The gold range has been expanded to include a mans range  diamond wedding & engagement rings

It is that time of year again, we are busy with the Christmas fairs and the costume jewellery, next time you see me around come over and  say hello, I love to meet my customers and put a face to a name

Thinking of proposing this Christmas?

Buy a pre - engagement ring to propose with (€20 + p&p €2.50)

Let your future wife choose her own ring!

We have a lovely new range of traditional jewellery in stock. From ladies lockets which have been updated to the current trends including beautiful silver & rose gold to mens curb & figaro bracelets and chains. All at great prices in a gift box, plus a stunning range of silver, gold and stone set fun charms including a cubic zirconia bling range

Rose gold & bling will be very big this year for Christmas, we have a fabulous range of necklaces, bracelets & rings in stock. Prices range from €10 - €20.Check out our fashion jewellery range for lovely affordable eye catching bling.

Do the words creeper, diamond and creeper face mean anything in your life? Arriving next month, €10 in a pretty gift box, p&p €2.40. My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with minecraft. These lovely necklaces will make great stocking fillers.

Summer is here (apparently) we have new stock and ranges arriving in all of the time, bling up your outfit with some of our lovely sterling silver jewellery. The new fashion jewellery range is amazing value.

Now in stock floating memory jewellery, beautiful living lockets with charms for the lady about town, new baby and many many more. Also a new range of hand crafted bling jewellery, watch this space!

The Italina jewellery has arrived, the quality of the finish is amazing for plated jewellery, I have been wearing a ring for a couple of weeks and it still looks as good as new.

I have been busy loading the new range, there are some really beautiful pieces at great prices.The children’s jewellery remains as popular as ever with an ever increasing range of cute kids silver earrings.

There has been a rise in sales of communion jewellery this year, maybe because the ranges are so much better now than the plain cross’s, the silver communion lockets are so unusual, my daughter will be getting one next week.

For anyone looking to add  a picture to a locket, I have found the best way to size the picture is with an old fashioned ruler! Measure the space in the locket, in word use the elipse shapes to match the locket shape, keep shrinking it and measure the screen until the size matches.It may not be the most technical way but it works.

You know I am always pestering the suppliers for a sneak preview of the next collections and they always say no? Today I was given a look and it is WOW. The downside is it will be launched in 3 weeks so until then I can not have catelogues or image discs. 3 weeks to torment myself, in future I will stay happily ignorant, I feel like a child who has peeked at their Christmas presents and re wrapped them.

It seems butterflys will be big and they have the most beautiful pearl and cubic zirconia jewellery for weddings, watch this space!

The site move is almost complete, we had a few teething problems with the technological side of things but they are all resolved. The down side of being one of the first to use cutting edge technology! Apologies to googlebot who was running between the sites like a demented spider.

We have added a new section for bridesmaids jewellery, we have a lovely range for smaller kids which come on a child's 14" chain plus the pearls and cubic zirconia for the ladies.

A new range of marcasite & amber jewellery is being launched at the end of February, no matter how much I plead they will give me  no clues as to what it looks like, I am so excited I love the amber and the marcasite is amazing quality and stones, I will keep you posted if I can get a sneak preview

There is a new range of costume jewellery on its way, it will all be under €5 in a gift box!

It is nearly Christmas, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

This year the kid's jewellery is proving very popular due to the lovely cute designs and the very cheap price of €6 a pair.

Jewellery for men has taken a big dip this year (maybe they are investing in moisturiser instead?) Trends for next year seem to be mixed, we will have to wait and see what the New Year brings.I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, according to the government the recession is over so next year will be better for all of us!

As you can see we have another new site.........this is the last one I am doing! (I said that 7 sites ago) We have joined the cloud and to be honest beta testing this new software has been fun and the only bugs were very minor page sizes ones. Amazingly I did not manage to break it (just dented it slightly)

The new gold range is here with some very pretty unusual designs

The  Silver range is being kept a very closely guarded secret and is out later than usual this year it will be launched in September.

Enjoy your shopping and thank you so much for your support and help 

The random bizarre facts will be back soon due to popular request

The new stock is arriving for Christmas we have some fabulous bling arriving in for all of us magpies!

We have lovely new Royal Crown watches, they are slightly pricey as they are branded names but very beautiful to look at.

Silver wedding & engagement rings are proving very popular with people going on holiday who do not want to risk losing their precious rings