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Thanks Tracie, I received all today, love the bracelet and its gift wrapping! 

Got the bracelets today brilliant service thanks, very prompt and great value for money :-) 


Silver bangle bracelets are made with sterling silver – an alloy of 92.5% silver by weight combined with 7.5% copper. Sterling silver alloys create durable bangles which  has a beautiful white color and shine that is modern and compliments all outfits.

Many are composed of one solid ring that is meant to be worn around the wrist or above the elbow, but some bangles are made with a hinge or clasp so they can be open and closed..

Bracelets can be worn by both women and men because of the wide range of models and shapes, they weren't that popular until Romans started to make them approximately 1300 years ago. They had such skills in making bracelets, that there was a very large variety of models and people loved them.


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