Frequently Asked Questions - Silverbling Jewellery


Q - Does silver jewellery tarnish?

A - Yes it does, I suggest you keep it in the dark as Oxygen reacts with Silver causing Silver Oxide. To clean Silver, use a dip, rinse it off in plain water, dry thoroughly with a micro fibre cloth then use a silver cloth to remove the tarnish and shine the jewellery.

Q - Can we collect from you?

A  - Sorry Silverbling Jewellery is online only, but can arrange local delivery or collection in Sandyford, Dundrum, Stillorgan, Goatstown and surrounding areas.

Q - Can you source jewellery for me?

A - Yes I can, my suppliers have such a vast range that they carry in stock all year around that even with 2 websites I only have a third of the stock online, if you would like a specific colour or shape then please mail me, the chances are I have it and can add it to the  range.

Q - Is the payment plan really no fee?

A - Yes it is, when I had retail shops customers liked putting down a deposit and taking time to pay for it, deposits are non refundable as I purchase the stock up front and have it held for you to guarantee it will be in stock when you want it.

Q - What length of chain should a child wear?

A - We have 14 inch chain made especially for young girls and boys with a smaller neck, if in doubt 16 inch is the standard size for a necklace.

Q - Where can I buy communion jewellery and gifts

A - Silverbling jewellery based in Dublin has a huge range of jewellery and gifts for both boys and girls, available to buy online and delivered by the Irish postal system.

Q - What chain length is standard for a man?

A - 20 inch chain is the recommended length for a man and 18 inch for a young teenage boy.

Q - What colours do topaz stone come in?

A - Topaz (aluminum fluor-silicate) is a mineral occurring in rhombic prisms, generally yellowish, green, blue, brown, purple and opaque.

Q - What are the colours for birth stones?

A - January - red - garnet

     February - purple - amethyst

     March - blue - aquamarine

     April - white - diamond

     May - green - emerald

     June - white - pearl

     July - red - ruby

     August - green - peridot

     September - blue - sapphire

     October - various - opal

     November -various - topaz 

     December - blue - turquoise

 How To Clean Silver Jewellery. - 

I use silver dip, drop the jewellery in the dip, wash the dip off in cold water, dry with a fibre free cloth, then polish with a silver cloth

Silver is best kept in the  dark when you are not wearing it to prevent tarnishing happening so quickly.