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Our company is a small Irish owned business based in Dundrum, Dublin.
We would like to make you aware of my popular new range of 6th year school graduation rings, bangles, engraved pendants and engraved tie pins. We can customise them for your school or college.


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The rings are made to order with the mold being hand cast with class of 2016 . School names can be inserted into the mold depending on the amount of text characters.We can also have a mold made using Irish instead of English. Prices start from €10 and we can engrave either the inside or the outside of the band.


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Depending on the sizes option and the molds being hand carved the rings can take 4-8 weeks to be manufactured and shipped. We also have a range of initialed bangles, tie pins and cufflinks that can be customised with the school name or initials. If you have any questions I would be happy to help  design a perfect keepsake for you.