Novelty And Stone Set Cufflinks For Men



CuffLinks started in the 1500s as cuff string, these strings helped tie the ends of the shirt , the cuff string gave way to painted buttons or metal buttons in the 1700s and was made famous by Louis XIV of France who was a collector. The cuff link functioned as a way to fasten the ends of a shirt to create a tight fit.

  • In 1987, a pair of cuff links sold at auction for $440,000. They were a pair of diamond and platinum cuff links originally given to King Edward VII by Wallis Simpson, his wife.

We have a variety of designs including batman, wine bottle, football, gitar, music note, pen nib, anchor, usb, hairdryer, drum kit and golf ball in silver, red, purple, black, blue and clear stone. Groom, usher, best man and pageboy cufflinks also available


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