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chain length


Necklace chains come in a variety of sizes, some are standard some are personal preference. As a guide these are the usual lengths.

14 inch - Children and small adults

16 inch - Standard size chain, fits most people

18 inch - Standard size for ladies who prefer their jewellery slightly lower, fits all women

20 inch - Traditionally a mans length chain

22 inches and above - Longer chains for sweater jumpers and some holy medals



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I ordered a necklace from your website yesterday at lunchtime and received it in the post this morning. Thanks so much for your speedy delivery, I will be recommending you to friends and family. I would post a review on your Facebook page but I'm afraid my mother will see it and the necklace is for her. She's going to be delighted with itI ordered a necklace from your website yesterday at lunchtime and received it in the post this morning. 

My necklaces arrived today . Thank you so much. They are fab. Wasn't even expecting the gift boxes. Will Def be buying again


All of our lovely jewellery can be gift wrapped or a free hand written gift card added please leave a message in the box at the cart -

Our clear white cubic zirconia stone silver pendants and necklaces for women and children have a high quality finish using grade A cubic zirconia stones or coloured crystal. In a variety of designs and shapes they make an ideal present. All are nickle free and safe to wear -

Silverbling recommends regular cleaning and the jewellery to be stored in a dark dry dust free place to reduce the risk of tarnishing.

The cz you see today has been created in a laboratory by combining the metals of zirconium and oxide through extreme heat and a monitored cooling process. The temperature required to melt the zirconium is so extreme platinum containers could not be used in the melting process.

 Soviet scientists developed the method still used today. The process entailed using the zirconium itself to hold the molten form of zirconium. The extreme temperature used to melt the zirconium is created by the use of a very large microwave, it allowed the center zirconium to melt while the outer layer remained cool and solid to hold the molten form.

The production of zirconias, the melting and cooling of the zirconium metal combined with the metal oxide, formation of columnar crystals are produced and then cut into gemstones. Recently


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